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Fire Zone is known as `a trustworthy company on the landscape decoration market of Dubai. Our business directions imply a number of services, such as outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplaces, original culinary ovens, multi-functional barbecue grills, sculptures, waterfalls and fountains for gardens. We provide warranty service for all our projects and use qualitative materials for construction: natural or artificial stone and non-rust metal. Fire Zone is responsible for execution of all preparation and installation works; our service implies a few site visits, design sketches, corrections and comprehensive consultations.

Our creative designers are open for cooperation: they are glad to embody a customer’s own idea or a borrowed concept from a landscape magazine or another source. The Fire Zone professional portfolio includes a varierty of successfully accomplished projects for residential and commercial premises: villas, country houses, hotels, sushi restaurant Dubai, botanical gardens, department stores and public areas.

The main pricing factors of design project, country house (cottage), room cost according to FIRE ZONE's calculating are:

  • The area of the room. It's simple: the larger the area, the lower the cost of 1 square meter of design;
  • Style. The development of the design in terms of styles suggesting the presence of multiple complex architectural and decorative elements (e.g., classic), requires the designer of great skill and experience, but also takes much more time than, say, minimalistic design or high-tech. So, if you're planning to order a design project of the interior in the style of “classic” or similar one, we need to examine the premises to determine its value, and only after that we will be able to give a precise answer at its value.




Fountains and Waterfalls

Fire Zone is responsible for the entire cycle of a fountain, a sculpture or a waterfall projection



Outdoor grills from Fire Zone are designed for creation of additional comfort at your country side house or a villa



Fire Zone is specialized in fireplaces, performed in various designs and interior styles, such as rustic, classic, country, classic, modern and hi-tech.



Today ovens and stoves are unordinary elements of an interior.


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